Caroogle is an AI-powered analytics platform that helps businesses grow by providing intelligent business insights. It helps auto dealers to make quick and efficient decisions based on previous data.

Car Evaluation

Car evaluation is one of the many features that Caroogle offers, this feature allows auto dealers to enter a vehicles information and get an estimated price of that vehicle and dealer does not have to search through the internet to get more information or remember pricing of hundreds of make models. They get complete pricing information with different parameters in a single click.

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The Results

CodesOrbit was able to provide insights that helped the users to make timely decisions and millions in profit increase

"Brilliant team, Great communication and analytical skills also. Thanks again."

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Geo Graphic Stats

Caroogle enables auto dealers to make intelligent decisions by providing detailed geographic stats like if an auto dealer has a vehicle in inventory user can just add an entry in Caroogle and it will tell if in any state or city has a price hike for that model then the dealer can move that vehicle there and sell at more profit.

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