Computer Vision

Computer Vision

Computer Vision &
Image Analysis

We are a top Computer Vision company. At Codes Orbit, we have worked hard to become experts in Computer Vision and Image Analysis technology. “Object detection” is an increasingly significant tool in the retail industry, it treats images as the required input, incorporates tools such as image processing algorithms to imitate human vision and understanding. This Image Analysis technology is benefiting businesses all across the world. Input can be derived by still images as well as images from videos.
Computer Vision solutions have many uses for instance, presenting more information about a product or a brand, providing information about product availability, comparing products to the standard of production followed by a company etc.

Branding Guidelines Verification

Our branding guideline verification services allow us to help brands with production of quality product designs that incorporate the company logo while appearing to be aesthetically pleasing too. Our Digital Image Analysis services will enable companies to understand the dimensions and placement of logo and brand name on a product design. Companies can also maintain a record of logo placement to maintain uniformity for a particular kind of product.

Body Measurement

One of the biggest hurdles of shopping online is not being able to try on that jacket or that pair of sneakers you wish to buy. With our Computer Vision AI services, you will be able to generate a 3D model of the human body based on your bodily measurements, to be able to see how a particular product will look on you. Yes, that’s right! Our AI Image processing services will enhance the online shopping experience your business has to offer.

Brand Safety & Counterfeit

We provide competitive intelligence services for retailers and consumer brands to guarantee the authenticity of their products. Customers will be able to check and verify counterfeit products with our Image Analysis tools that use deep-learning to detect a fake product. Our Computer Vision services help recognize various attributes in retail by processing both images and text-based information available for a product.

Planogram Verification &
Automatic Stock Tallying

Our services will help your business run smoothly. We offer Machine Learning services that will instruct you to restock a product when needed. Your physical stores will be constantly visually monitored to ensure product availability.

AR-Based User Manual

Our AR based user-manuals are an innovative and modern replacement for the old school printed booklets. It enables users to access quick information about a product. Our Computer Vision applications allow users to access a 3D model of a product with interactive visuals, presenting all necessary and relevant information.

AI is driving benefits across various industry

Codes Orbit brings you Mobile App development services incorporated with Computer Vision and Image Analysis carefully crafted for your business. We pride ourselves for our extensive experience and strong skills in Image Analysis and Computer Vision industry. We are your partners through the entire journey, providing you with end to end services beginning from conceptualization until the final stage of deployment.

Boost Your Sales

3 in 4 organizations implementing AI increase sales of products and services by 10%. Don’t miss out on the latest AI technologies to maximise your sales

Boosting Operations

78% of Organizations implementing AI increase operational efficiency by 15%. You too can benefit from our services to streamline your operational activities.

Customer Engagement

75% of Organizations implementing AI enhance customer satisfaction by more than 10%. Your business can also benefit from our services in enhancing the customer experience you have to offer.


79% of Organizations implementing AI generate new insights and better analysis of products. Learn more about the industry relevant to your business to make informed decisions.

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