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Data Science

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Codes Orbit is a top Data Science company. We are experts on Data Science consulting - we incorporate our Machine Learning tools, Natural Learning Process and Big Data analytics to provide you with meaningful information regarding the industry relevant to your business. We conduct an in-depth predictive analysis of Big Data to present you with deep insights, predict future trends, customer behaviour and many other useful information that will help your business grow.
We have extensive experience in providing our clients with the best Data Science services and enabling many Natural Learning Process start-ups. Our Data Science expertise stretches over various industries including healthcare, finance, information, education and many more.

Our Data Science Services

Business Intelligence

We incorporate the latest BI technologies to handle large amounts of structured and unstructured data to identify, develop and create new strategic business opportunities. We are able to deeply analyse the market trends to help you foresee any hindrances in the way of your business development.

Product Recommendations

Our Data Science services are equipped to provide refined search results with relevant and personalised information. These outputs will be based on various factors such as browsing history, behavioural pattern and context of query etc.

Smart Document Analysis

We integrate NLP with ML to organise data to present it in a structured manner. We enhance your business process by providing you with a data analytics model that is able to generate content that is easy to decipher, utilizing unstructured data such as email, social media posts etc.

Market Intelligence

Our Data Science tools allow us to conduct in-depth market research and predict trends, consumer behavior, patterns of supply and demand and competition by analysing data. Various sources of data provide the basis for this analysis, such as reviews, social media etc.

Risk Management and
Fraud Detection

Data science enables us to foresee fraud and evaluate risks while dealing with important documents such as financial documents, contracts and important dealerships documents.

How Do We Work

Text Cleaning

We collect the data that is relevant to your business or may help add a perspective to designing the perfect natural learning processing model for your business.

Text Analysis

We organise the data, identify variables and assess the various tools and techniques we can engage to make the best use of the data in hand.

Model Development

Based on our client’s goals for their business, the extensive data we collect and our in-depth market analysis, we design the most suitable Data Science Model.

Final Deployment

This is where the magic happens. We test our Data Science services and once it is good to go, our model is final and ready. Our Data Science services will enable our client’s business to offer good quality at minimal cost.

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