Predictive Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Top Predictive Analysis Company

Codes Orbit is a top Predictive Analytics company. We provide you with Descriptive Analytics services to give you useful information to help your business grow in the right direction.
We give you futuristic information by analysing past trends witnessed by a particular industry relevant to your business. Our team of exceptionally talented professionals are trained to assess and analyse large amounts of data, study previous patterns and predict future trends that will benefit your business. We incorporate our expertise on AI, Machine Learning, Descriptive and Predictive Data Mining algorithms, and statistical modeling to provide you with the best Predictive Analytics solutions.

Our Predictive Analysis Services


How is the business market evolving? What do you need to know to make the best decisions for your business? We have the answers to all your questions. Our Big data predictive analytics allow us to foresee future trends, opportunities and risks that your business is likely to encounter.


We believe that information is most beneficial when it is organised. Therefore, we aim to add structure to the data we have by classifying it. . Moreover, the models we use for classification can be adjusted according to the latest data to provide a deep analysis for resolving queries.


This is an important tool in the field of predictive analysis that helps us foresee fraudulent occurrences that a business is likely to experience. This can help businesses be mindful of their actions and not lose money.


Our team of experts will analyse and filter data to present it in forms or groups or datasets, based on common variables. This type of predictive analysis can be really useful in various applications, such as marketing, to categorize data based on common attributes.

How Do We Work

Identifying Business Objectives/Issues

Our team at CodesOrbit will help you identify your long term and short term goals for your business. It is only when you know your objectives, you will be able to work towards achieving them.

Data Preparation

We collect large amounts of data relevant to your business and store it into a data warehouse. We then assess and organise this data, identify variables and study patterns to gain an insight on the market trends.

Data Transformation

The data derived from the datasets is mapped carefully from its original size into a clean, verified, and ready-to-use form. This process of altering the data from one format to the other is known as Extract Transform Load process.

Test and Deliver

Data engineers at CodesOrbit will collect the required information to build different predictive analytics models to select the most suitable one. Furthermore, our data scientists will create a hypothesis, prepare & finally deliver the model.

Result Evaluation

Once our machine learning predictive analytics model is up and running, our team continues to offer your business the necessary support you need. We ensure successful delivery and consistency in quality by assessing the outcomes.

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